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About Us

MDManage specializes in delivering Medical Revenue Cycle Management services to healthcare providers across the United States.


We leverage our deep knowledge of the medical field and our technological expertise to provide top-notch RCM services to our clients. Our portfolio of highly personalized medical billing and revenue cycle management services cater to the unique requirements of a diverse range of clients, including Hospitals, ASCs, Diagnostic & Treatment Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Radiology Groups, Multi & Single Specialty Group Practices, and more. Unlike typical billing service vendors, we go beyond generating statements and provide a comprehensive suite of account receivable services that maximize reimbursements. We take full responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of our clients' charge submissions and provide our services in full compliance with all existing US Federal, State, and Insurance regulations.


As a leading US Healthcare RCM expert, we cover every aspect of the RCM cycle, right from Provider's Insurance Plan enrollment, Insurance credentialing, Patient Plan Eligibility & Verification, Obtaining Patient Referral and Authorization, to core RCM areas like Patient Demographic Entry, Charge Capturing, Insurance and Patient Billing, Payment Posting, Denial Management, Regular A/R Follow-up, and Business Analytics of various financial reporting functions on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual bases. We have special expertise in niche areas of personal injury claims, including motor vehicle accidents (Automobile Medial No-Fault Claims) and Worker Compensation claims.


We understand how complex and overwhelming it can be for regular physician offices to navigate and comply with the maze of highly regulated personal injury rules, regulations, and medico-legal requirements. Our commitment to providing personalized attention and high-quality services makes us the ideal RCM partner for healthcare providers.


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Kumar Reddy

With over 25 years of experience in Management Information Technology, focusing primarily on Healthcare Management, Kumar Reddy has been at the helm of MDManage since 2005. His mission was to scale the RCM service by synergizing the right people, processes, and technology. Under his leadership, MDManage has achieved remarkable growth, placing Clients/Providers as the central focus.


Notably, MDManage has played a pivotal role in expanding providers' practices and empowering clients with efficient technology implementation and streamlined workflows, resulting in substantial improvements to their overall performance.


Kumar's academic accomplishments include an engineering degree and an MBA in Information Technology from the prestigious University of Texas, Arlington. He is also a certified Project Management Professional, ensuring seamless execution of projects and maintaining the highest standards of service.


Beyond his expertise, Kumar actively fosters a collaborative and high-performing work environment, inspiring his team members to become effective leaders and valuable team players. This dedication to excellence has been a driving force behind MDManage's continued success in providing exceptional services to our valued clients and partners.



MDManage pioneers in healthcare management and technology. In business over 20 years, Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage safeguards health information and financial information of more than 100,000 patients for about over hundred healthcare providers. Our services include; insurance program enrollment, verification, pre-certification and authorization, coding and audits; billing and collections, and financial management reporting.

That’s why the security and protection of patients’ personal information is our highest priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that your personal information remains private and available only to those trained and authorized to view, manage, and distribute it.



 MDManage receives all patient information from its healthcare clients and patients’ insurance companies. Depending on the services sought by a medical facility or practitioner, Vcarve LLC d/b/a, demographics and charges, health insurance enrollment and coverage information, payment information and certain records related to the care provided to you by your doctors and healthcare facilities.



The security of your personal health information is of utmost importance to us and Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage scrupulously follows rules promulgated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), which govern its use and disclosure.

The law requires us to maintain “reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to prevent intentional or unintentional use or disclosure” of your personal health information. At Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage, for example, we shred documents before discarding them, secure medical records with lock and key or pass code, and limit access to the keys or pass codes. We also provide significant HIPAA security training to all Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage staffers and require that they pass business associate training before securing their job.



Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage has consistently invested in the state-of-the-art technology that has made us a national leader in healthcare management. We have had one security issue in our 20-plus years. In the spring of 2014, we learned that the security of information stored on one of our file servers had been compromised. Fortunately, our sophisticated digital technology enabled us to immediately block access to confidential data, restoring security.

We immediately launched an investigation, hired forensic, security and legal professionals to guide the investigation, and notified the New Jersey State Police, as required by law. Analysts now believe that the breach compromised the records of just a handful of our 100,000-plus patients during a migration to a new operating system. Ironically, the move was intended to enhance file server security.



When it comes to personal information, the smallest data breach is cause for much concern. We understand that a breach can mean stress and anxiety about the safety of our clients’ billing information and patients’ personal health information. The success of our company is built on a foundation of trust with our clients and their patients. That’s why the safety and security of our clients’ information and that of their patients is paramount.

We assure you that Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage remains committed to providing our clients with the highest quality billing and collections operations while remaining dedicated to the safety and security of patients’ personal health information.

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